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Public health as a key variable has led to major international activities and planning. Improving the general health of individuals has always been considered a concern (6). Researchers have found that improving general health can have beneficial effects in all areas of individual and group and ultimately lead to improved performance (7). Public health functions have led to the improvement of its level as an important issue (8).
One of the things that is always considered by researchers and doctors in relation to health and is used as a way to overcome problems and diseases and raise the level of health is to improve the way of thinking and the use of the mind (mind cultivation).. Mindfulness is emphasizing the importance of mental and intellectual work. The importance of mindfulness is such that cognitive scientists believe that individuals achieve certain abilities through mindfulness training based on a theory and changes in brain function, mental health, and future behavioral professions (9). But the extent to which mindfulness is affecting public health, especially in entrepreneurs who are constantly exposed to stress and work pressures, is a question that needs to be further researched.
Another issue that seems to be related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship issues is creativity. Improving creativity as one of the key factors in peoplechr(chr('39')39chr('39'))s success has caused them to seriously affect peoplechr(chr('39')39chr('39'))s performance process (12). As we remove creativity and innovation from the scene of human life, we are in fact shooting at the movement, dynamism, survival and life of human life because stagnation and the humble repetition of life equate to death and destruction. Efforts to improve creativity lead to innovative activities and, as a result, enjoy the benefits of innovation; Lead to the improvement of the mental state of individuals and groups (14).
In general, although mindfulness plays an important role in improving the mental state of individuals, but the lack of comprehensive research on its functions in some areas, including creativity and public health, has led to sufficient scientific evidence on the role of mindfulness in creativity and public health. Creators are not available. On the other hand, this research gap has led to the lack of serious attention to executive activities to improve creativity and public health as an important issue. This has led to the formation of a research vacuum in this area. Given the above, the researcher seeks to answer the question of whether mindfulness has an impact on the creativity and general health of entrepreneurs?
The method of the present study is a field study. The present study is one of the applied researches. The statistical population of the present study included entrepreneurs in Golestan province, the exact number of whom was not available. According to the available selection according to the Cochran sample size formula in the uncertainty of the community, 384 people were identified as the research sample. Finally, after distributing and collecting research questionnaires, 351 questionnaires were analyzed.
The instruments of the present study included three questionnaires of 28 general health questions (4 components of physical symptoms, anxiety and insomnia, social dysfunction and depression), 30-item Creativity Questionnaire of Randsip (1979) (4 components of mental motivation, ideal influence, inspirational motivation). And individual consideration) and the 15-item mindfulness questionnaire of Anasouri et al. (2020). The reliability of these questionnaires was reported to be 0.83, 0.80 and 0.85. In the present study, the reliability of these questionnaires after calculating Cronbachchr(chr('39')39chr('39'))s alpha was determined to be 0.81, 0.83 and 0.86, respectively. Descriptive statistics, Kalmogorov-Smirnov test and t-test were used to analyze the data using SPSS software.
The results of t-test showed that mindfulness has an effect on general health of 0.597. The results also showed that mindfulness has an effect on creativity of 0.761 (Table 2).
The present study showed that increasing the level of mindfulness leads to improving the level of general health. This shows that efforts to improve mindfulness can have positive effects on improving the general health of entrepreneurs. Ross and Robbins (2004) found in their research that mindfulness can affect individual health (16). Narimani et al. (2011) also pointed to the appropriate functions of mindfulness to improve general health. It seems that mindfulness, by improving environmental awareness as well as improving the level of mental readiness of individuals, affects the general health of individuals. Mindfulness can also improve peoplechr(chr('39')39chr('39'))s general health and reduce their mental and physical problems by improving peoplechr(chr('39')39chr('39'))s concentration as well as promoting individual trust (16, 17).
On the other hand, it was found that increasing the level of mindfulness leads to improving the level of creativity. In this regard, Hansley (2020) pointed out that mind cultivation and cultivation of the mind improves the level of creativity and innovation of individuals (18). Lubda et al. (2016), Agnoli et al. (2018) and Caporso et al. (2014) also pointed out that in order to improve creativity, mental aspects need to be considered (19-21). Mindfulness cultivates the mind among individuals and promotes their mental readiness to participate in society. In other words, trying to improve mindfulness can have positive mental effects among entrepreneurs, which, while promoting their mental focus and ideation, promotes the level of individual creativity. In other words, trying to cultivate the mind can lead to improving the creativity of individuals among entrepreneurs (18-21).
Ethical Considerations
Compliance with ethical guidelines
All ethical principles were considered in this article. In order to observe the ethical points in the truth, the researcher undertook to keep all the information in the questionnaire confidential. It also provides the results of the research to the respondents.
This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial, or not-for profit sectors.
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The authors declared no conflict of interest
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