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Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Management, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran , F.faezi@semnaniau.ac.ir
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Background & Aims: The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on global health systems with a ripple effect on all aspects of human life, and the outbreak of this disease began as an acute global emergency on January 30, 2020. Different governments have implemented various strategies such as border closures, travel restrictions, and quarantines even in the countries that make up the world's largest economies, raising fears of an impending economic crisis and economic stagnation. Its pandemic had a significant impact on world economic growth, and estimates so far show that the virus could reduce global economic growth if current conditions continue and increase the risk of global economic recession by approximately 2% per month, similar to what will happen during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Therefore, it is important to identify the appropriate solutions for the market to be active and the economy wheel to move, so that these solutions can play an effective role in dealing with the spread of the coronavirus and increasing the public health of society while increasing the economic cycle. The present age is the age of communication and information. In this era, the use of the Internet is expanding and it forms an important part of people's lives. Nowadays, people use the Internet and virtual space for shopping, collecting information, having conversations, and many other activities. Meanwhile, social media are the most popular parts of virtual space for public use. Social media are a group of Internet-based tools that are based on the ideological foundation and web technology and allow users to create content and exchange it. Unlike traditional media that send a one-way message to customers, social media is an ideal tool for continuous and two-way conversations with customers. Social media marketing forces organizations to use social media applications to complement traditional business methods and offers them a new way of relational evaluation. Give It seems that due to the ambiguities and limitations in the field of social media marketing, medical equipment sellers do not take much advantage of this marketing tool in the conditions of the corona disease. At the same time, all the market players need to use new methods of income generation to face threats such as many consumers and buyers not visiting in person due to the fear of corona disease. In addition, despite conducting numerous types of research in the field of social media abroad, this important field of science in the market of medical equipment has been less investigated in the current conditions of the market and especially its corona conditions. . It seems that considering the internet penetration rate of 82.12% in Iran, it is necessary to investigate and solve the issue of social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment in the conditions of corona disease, considering the existing foundations of the society; Based on this, this research aims to clarify the role of social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment in the conditions of the corona disease with the foundation's data theorizing approach. With this method, the researcher intends to produce a theory that has a deep connection with the data. As a result of this research, with the aim of identifying, categorizing, and designing the development model of social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment in the conditions of corona disease, with the approach of data theorizing, the foundation, with an emphasis on qualitative and quantitative evaluation, developed the development model of social media marketing in the purchase of equipment. Medicine deals with the corona disease, which is a basic and absolutely necessary field to deal with the field of social media marketing in the current market conditions. Therefore, the researcher seeks to design the development model of social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment in the conditions of corona disease in order to improve the general health of the people of the society with two qualitative and quantitative approaches and to answer this question: the qualitative paradigm model of social media marketing in How is the purchase of medical equipment in the conditions of corona disease to improve the public health of the society?
Methods: The statistical population of this qualitative study included all academic experts and experts in the field of marketing, most of whom were members of the faculty of universities in the country, as well as experienced people in the field of marketing, especially the marketing of medical products and equipment. The statistical sample size was 25 people until reaching theoretical saturation through semi-structured Delphi interviews.
Results: The results showed that the categories were identified in the form of 41 categories, 136 conceptual codes and 256 items (measures) and in the heart of the 6 structures of the paradigm model in the form of causal conditions (8 categories, 49 items, and 28 concepts), the main phenomenon and central: social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment, (3 categories, 40 items, and 13 concepts), strategies (5 categories, 46 items, and 19 concepts), background conditions (8 categories, 49 items, and 32 concepts), conditions Intervenor or mediator (8 categories, 37 items, and 29 concepts), and consequences (4 categories, 35 items, and 15 concepts) were placed.
Conclusion: In general, it can be said that paying attention to the qualitative model of the development model of social media marketing in the purchase of medical equipment in viral crisis conditions can be a fundamental and necessary basis for dealing with the field of social media marketing in viral crisis conditions. Be in the market the use of social media has become a big social phenomenon as group applications, online tools, and technologies that encourage and enable participation, dialogue, free-thinking, creation, and socialization in a group of users. . Social media have several features in common. One of the most important features is that most of these sites rely heavily on user-generated content, where it is the users who largely determine the product offered by the company. Do The large customer base has made social media very popular not only among users but also among companies that use social media as a marketing communication medium. Marketing programs based on social media are usually focused on creating content that can attract the attention of users of social sites and encourage them to share the desired content on social media. In this way, the message of the desired company/person/organization is transferred from one user to another in the form of a chain.
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