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Department of Sports Science, Imam Khomeini International University, Iran , ali_hemat@yahoo.com
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Background & Aims: Considering that today the progress and success of any society depends on its members, it can be said that the progress and development in any group is owed to the human resources of that organization (1). One of the most important factors that indicate correct management and can increase the efficiency of the organization is paying attention to psychological issues (2). Human resources and their success are related to psychological and sports characteristics. In other words, the development and progress of the real performance of the countries has different indicators, one of the most important of which is sports (3). The importance of physical training and exercise is increasing day by day (4). The categories of culture and sports have a close and close relationship with soft war, and they basically overlap with each other (5). The target point of soft war is cultural customs, beliefs, and beliefs that in a calm and tension-free atmosphere, one can engage in cultural bias by creating special tastes (6), which should take into account psychological characteristics. People have different influence in this direction (7). The study of people's behavior is in the field of psychological activities (8). The Middle East region, like Iran, has always been the focus of other countries due to its geographical features and natural resources. This issue has caused problems in this region and wars in this region (9). The definitions related to war and terrorism show that paying attention to the management of war and terrorism as well as investigating the effects of war and terrorism is one of the most important and current issues in the societies (8).
One of the areas that is definitely under the influence of war and terrorism is sports. Sports and war and, in this regard, psychological characteristics and other factors have interacted (13), because sports as a bridge between nations play an important role in strengthening communication between societies. Also, sport creates solidarity in regions and communities (14). In this regard, the intelligence and tact of those involved will make the sport always experience the refinement of the system's respected beliefs and the value in this field will be brought to the fore based on religious and jurisprudential foundations, and finally it will not be attacked by the strategy of soft war (8).
In various researches, sports, war and politics have been examined (13) and they found that sports are under the influence due to the occurrence of disputes and wars, and on the other hand, sports can be implemented in societies to reduce the effects of war (17). Cleland (2019) specified in his research that war causes problems in this regard due to damage to irrigation structures (14). On the other hand, Cha (2013) specified that terrorist activities cause the image of sports events to be damaged (15). Shariati Goodarzi (2014) pointed out that terrorist activities cause the audience of sports events to decrease (11).
The lack of research in the fields of sports and war has caused that, in the first stage, solutions to reduce the negative effects of war and terrorism on the image of sports in Islamic countries are not available (18) and in the second stage, it has caused the few programs and activities carried out with this purpose to gain Major and essential successes should not be made (19). According to the guidelines of Islam in various areas including war, the use of Quranic verses, hadiths and Islamic orders regarding war can reduce war and terrorism as well as improve the state of sports (11). This problem caused the present research to be conducted with the aim of studying the psychological and non-psychological dimensions and investigating the solutions of the negative effects of war on the society.
Methods: The current research is applied research and in terms of the data collection method, it was conducted in the field. The statistical population included experts knowledgeable about sports and politics. After identifying these people (n=34), all these people were identified as the research sample based on the whole number sampling method. In order to identify these samples, the purposeful sampling method was used. The research tool was a researcher-made questionnaire, whose validity and reliability were confirmed. The whole research data analysis process was done using Superdesign and BT Topsys solver software.
Results: The results showed that 87.5% of the people participating in the research are men and 12.5% are women. 81.22% had a doctoral degree and 18.78% had a master's degree or lower. The results showed that the military war has an effect of -0.198 on the image of Middle Eastern sports. Also, psychological warfare has an effect of -0.387 on the image of Middle East sports.
Conclusion: The present research determined that the war in military and psychological dimensions as well as the presence of terrorism causes the reduction of the image of sports in Islamic countries. It was also found that war and terrorism, due to their negative effects, reduce the image of sports in Islamic countries. This issue shows the destructive nature of war and terrorism on various aspects including sports. Although sport has a wide potential in the world and even according to previous researches (7,10,11,20,21) sport has a positive role in improving the political situation, but sport itself suffers from some unpleasant political events such as war and terrorism. It is found that it is in line with the background of the research (14,15). This issue shows that the relationship between sports and the international environment is a two-way relationship that can both lead to the reduction of some international tensions and be affected by the tensions formed at the international level.
It seems that war and terrorism are closely related to sports. Meanwhile, the high tensions in the Middle East in recent years have made sports unable to play a central role in reducing these tensions, and this has caused the image of sports in Islamic countries to decrease. On the other hand, it seems that the interference of some foreign countries has caused the tensions in the Middle East so that sports cannot play a central role in the development of relations in Islamic countries. War affects sports due to the occurrence of negative psychological currents. On the other hand, various researches pointed to the negative effects of terrorism on sports (17,20,21,22). Mental toughness and psychological factors are among the factors of success and excellent performance of athletes (23), but stress and mental wars are considered negative factors in performance (24). Mental health is at risk based on alcohol, stress and many other factors (25). It seems that the military and psychological war as well as the occurrence of terrorism in two aspects cause problems for the sport of Islamic countries. In the first stage, this war and terrorism caused physical destructive effects on Islamic countries, which caused the lack of development of some sports infrastructures. According to the results of this research, some suggestions are made: creating a sports television network for sports in Islamic countries in order to establish sports communication, accepting the hosting of important sports events by Islamic countries and cooperation between Islamic countries in order to take pride in holding these events, holding regular sports competitions for the solidarity of Islamic countries and extensive media coverage of these competitions to broadcast at the international level, holding symbolic sports competitions between Islamic countries with tension to reduce the existing tensions, inviting prominent sports teams to participate in Islamic countries and holding joint camps and competitions to expand the sports interactions of the countries Islamic with other countries. In short, war has a negative and significant relationship with the image of sports, and this reduction itself has bad psychological effects on the sports community. According to the results of creating a sports network covering the sports of Islamic countries, it is the best solution for managing and controlling war and terrorism in the way of improving the image of the sports of Islamic countries with emphasis on Islamic verses and traditions.

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